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I am committed to helping you rediscover what is already within you. Through exercise, nutrition, discipline, meditation, and mindfulness, I will guide you as you ignite your inner fire and make lasting holistic changes, in body, mind, and spirit, that unveil your best self.


What is Holistic Fitness?


Fitness of the body is something we are all familiar with. We have been taught that physical exercise keeps the muscles, bones, and heart strong. Eating right keeps the body healthy. Taking care of our bodies goes a long way in shielding us from extreme fluctuations in physical health. In truth, that is only a part of it.


Beyond the body lies the mind. The mind can be difficult to train due to certain habits and notions we have formed throughout life. Its fitness is essential to overall wellbeing, however, and should be trained daily. The more we focus on self-discipline and making choices that lead us to our goals, the stronger and fitter our minds become to support our efforts.


Spirit refers to inner intelligence, deeply rooted within us all. It guides us silently yet strongly, but only when we break out of our comfort zones to access it. Once we do, it gives us an anchored yet flexible, calm yet cheerful disposition. This inner intelligence gives us clarity of vision to see the bigger picture and makes it easier for the body and mind to take proactive steps to continually grow as we journey through life.

Consider yourself a triangle made up of body, mind, and spirit. The peaceful balance and harmony of this triangle – that brings forth the best version of YOU – 

that is Holistic Fitness.


What Others Are Saying

“Obstacles are weights used to build inner strength.”

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